Honing is a cutting process with an undefined cutting edge to optimize the dimension, form and surface of pre-machined workpieces. The honed surfaces are characterized by a cross-hatch pattern on the surface 
High geometrical accuracy, also for difficult workpieces 
Specific surface finish for functional surface areas.


Superfinishing for highest quality requirements regarding operational reliability, durability, efficiency and quiet running characteristics
Economically excellent and highest quality of functional surface areas with removal of the thermally induced surface zones
Improvement of bearing lubrication.

Deep Hole Drilling 

Deep hole drilling is much faster than any other conventional process and has a very high accuracy with minimum run-out. No other process achieves this excellent surface finish 
4e provide machines and tools for Single & Multi-Lip, STS/BTA and the Ejector deep hole drilling process.

Laser Applications 

Laser-Roughening as a pre-treatment for thermal spray coatings, which are the high-performance materials of the future i.e., energy efficient engines with low friction, reduced wear, reduced size and lower weight as well as lower production costs
Laser-Roughening of technical surfaces to increase static friction


Mechanical Deburring Technology is the high-quality finish for surfaces and edges
We have specialized in technology for burr-free components, even  for complex workpiece contours and provide independent, customized solutions as well as fully automated systems for production lines.


For Centerless Grinding, Milling and Turning we provide fully customized machines designed and manufactured for unique applications with highest level of automation
Nagel is known for technologically innovative approaches, extensive know-how in production technology and many decades of experience.

Assembly Stations incl. Cleaning & Leak Testing

Diversity from stand alone assembly stations, machines to turnkey solutions for production and assembly lines including different technologies for cleaning and leak testing.
We have a lot of experience with assembly solutions from the internal combustion engine in the automotive industry like cylinder head and motor blocks to the electric powertrain like rotors and stators and much more. 

E-Mobility Hairpin & Stator Production

We offer technologically innovative approaches and extensive know-how in production technology for electric powertrain, especially stators based on hairpin technology. Our portfolio ranges from custom, standalone solutions for stator prototype development and small series production to complete, fully automated solutions for high volume production.

Hydrogen Internal  Combustion Engine 

Sustainable, emission free energy and mobility! Our innovative hydrogen technology is making the internal combustion engine green. There are plenty of reasons to combine the internal combustion engine with hydrogen.
Hydrogen storage is decades ahead of electric battery storage.


Service & Hotline

We are happy to assist you with any problems and issues. Our hotline provides direct support for systematic trouble-shooting.
The specialists in our Service Center are ready to support you.


Our robust machines, some of which have been in service for over 30 years, are still working in proven quality in production.

Even older machines can be rebuilt for new jobs and requirements. Updating the controls and important components to current standards of technology. 

Tools & Abrasives

Continuous professional tooling rework increases the life cycle of your honing and drilling tools and guarantees optimal process reliability.
Profit from our experience and reduce your tooling costs by preventive maintenance. Whether our or third-party tools, we rework your tools back to the ideal condition.

Spare Parts

Original spare parts are the result of research, planning, testing, produc-tion, and delivery - either directly from us or under our management and control. 

We know which part is required to guarantee the functioning in every situation, function reliably in every situation and under every load.

Digital Solutions

New possibilities of IT networking in order to increase the efficiency of our machines with a  customer platform, predictive  maintenance & repair and production analytics. 
Bottlenecks are identified by the targeted analysis of productive data and downtimes of machines are reduced.